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"Small-town girl" shines on a big stage.
By Dave Whitaker
Jul 21, 2018, 16:33

Libby McClure is a 14-year old upcoming freshman at Bleckley County High School She describes herself as a “small-town girl.” McClure loves to sing, performing in local school events, as well as singing at Bethany Baptist Church.

But on May 28, she stepped onto a bigger stage, auditioning to sing the national anthem at a Macon Bacon baseball game. The Bacon, an area baseball team made up of collegiate players seeking to be drafted, held open auditions for national anthem performers. It attracted singers from across Middle Georgia, many with more experience.

Libby and the Macon Bacon mascot, Kevin.

McClure admitted to being nervous, doubting she’d be picked with only three years of experience singing publicly. But a couple of weeks after her audition, mom Regena McClure received an email saying Libby had been chosen to sing. McClure recalled “I was so happy, I couldn’t believe I got picked.”. She sang at the July 20 game against Florence. And while she was nervous during auditions, there were no pre-performance jitters the night of.

“I put it in God’s hands and wasn’t nervous at all.” While McClure has always loved to sing, she said she wasn’t able to while younger. She credits God for her talent saying, “God gave me a gift and I’m gonna use it now.” Her career goal is to become a Christian singer.

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