Community News
A special moment on a special night.
By Dave Whitaker
Mar 29, 2019, 23:24

The parking lot of Bleckley County High School had cars from the driveway entrance to near the gym Friday night as a huge crowd came out to see students arrive for this year’s Junior-Senior prom. This year’s theme was “Paris Nights.”

Students arrived in cars, trucks, buses, one came via fire truck. Their invitations were taken by administrators, then were announced to the crowd. A special moment took place during the walkthrough. As Junior Sarah-Beth Martin was announced, a lady came up to give her a hug. That lady was Olivia Buckmon.

Buckmon has a special place in the life of both Sara-Beth as well as mom Becky Mullis. This June will mark 14 years since Buckmon’s daughter Jennifer, served as an organ donor to Martin. Mullis and Buckmon kept in contact for years via email and met for the first time this past November when Martin had back surgery in Atlanta.

The visit was planned two months ago. Buckmon made the three-hour trip from Buckhead to “see how beautiful Sara-Beth was at her first prom.” Mullis described Buckmon’s visit as “the true gift of organ donors.”

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