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The bad financial month has gotten worse, I do need your help.
By Dave Whitaker
Apr 11, 2019, 01:21

Though I've had to be honest and share with you my financial situation several times, it's been done with great retinance. Because the site is here to serve the community, it never has been nor will it be about me.

But with my dad gone, and my finances becoming more interwoven with the site's, it's forced me to honestly share some things in the hope you'd help. Because I've had nowhere to turn. This is one of those times.

As you may know, I had to pay $500 out of the HR account recently for the deductible after my minor collision with a deer. On top of that, I had the quarterly $75 bill for web hosting. All this money came out of the same checking account that I use to pay business expenses such as gas, plus transfer money to my personal account for expenses such as credit card debt and food.

My finances are going to take an even greater hit as the compressor for the downstairs air conditioning unit has gone out. $1,250 to replace. That money coming out will affect how I pay other bills, my ability to buy gas to cover events, a multitude of things.

Though I've asked my sister April for assistance, she doesn't appear to be able to help because of her own bills. To make things worse, due to circumstances beyond my control, my dad's estate remains unsettled and I don't know when it will be.

So I find myself in a desperate situation, literally with no one to turn to. I again come to you, asking if you're willing and able, for any help you can provide. Not to sound cliche' but no amount is too small.

If you would like to help, there are several ways to do so. There's a donate button on the top of the main page. Money can be sent via PayPal (, or Google Pay ( You can also donate via GoFundMe by going to

Please understand that this is something I dislike doing. But with my financial future unsettled while still trying to do my job, I truly feel as if there are no other options. Thanks for reading, your consideration, and continued support.

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