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Special announcements, what is it and how you can use it.
By Dave Whitaker
May 7, 2019, 08:32

If you're a longtime reader of the site, you may've noticed that the FAQ is no longer pinned to the top. Though not deleted, it's been moved off the front page to make room for a new feature.

The idea came from the ad you see. While Bleckley Progress will always be first and foremost about covering the community, it is also a business. You're also likely well-aware of the financial difficulties I've had since my dad's untimely passing.

So I've created a new section called special announcements. The premise is similar to the marquee located on the corner of Dykes and GA 126. It's for any type of special announcement such as a congratulatory ad, happy birthday, even wedding announcements.

Cost for announcements are as follows. Running one in the section is $15. It will appear on the page just as other articles. Your announcement can be pinned to the front page for $30 (same price as a business ad.)

It will remain there up to seven days, a minimum of three days. Please know these are just guidelines and can be negotiated as needed. Please also understand that this feature is simply a way to generate revenue as well as provide another way for you to share special moments with others.

As always, thanks for your continued readership and support.

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