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Why I'll be staying close to home tomorrow.
By Dave Whitaker
Feb 23, 2021, 13:59

First things first, BCHS baseball won't get to play at home tomorrow after all. Field is still too wet. So the game will be at Jeff Davis.

As you may know, boys basketball will be opening state tomorrow at Swainsboro. But as it stands now, I'll be using tomorrow to eat a meal, catch up on things here. Because financially, I have to.

Gas prices have gone up. Looking ahead to next week. I'm going to have at least one day of long trips. Either March 4 (middle school baseball at J.R. Trippe, high school at Swainsboro), or March 5 (high school soccer at Monticello, high school baseball at Fitzgerald.)

Right now, the Whitaker HR Solutions checking account that funds the site isn't in good shape. I have some outstanding bills that must be seen about, plus trying to generally get through each month.

Now there is some (possible) light at the end of the tunnel. The farm has sold. I will be remaining in my home. But the sale won't be final until March 17, and I have 0 idea when I'll see money from the sale.

Nor do I know how much I'll actually have once all bills are paid. Please understand, this isn't me asking you for money. Not that I wouldn't take any donations and appreciate them, but that's not the purpose of this article.

Rather, it's me trying to explain that I'm not lazy. I want to be at the big games, big events, cover the big moments. It's just as my dad used to say, there's a finite amount of money.

And I'm trying to make the best decisions with that money. Thanks for your continued readership and support.

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