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Back to School photos, financial update, and more.
By Dave Whitaker
Aug 2, 2021, 11:16

For those of you who don't know, I stay well away from schools on the first day because it's enough of a madhouse, as it is. However, I'd love to run your first day of school photos.

You can email them to or Text them to (478)230-6556. You can also tweet them to @bleckprogress

Would you like to wish your favorite senior a good year? Do so with a special announcement. For just $15, you can wish your senior a good year. A picture, your words (a short paragraph.) Contact me with any questions.

The farm sale is moving forward. But it hasn't closed. Something I want to make clear that even when it does close, I won't have direct access to the money. While the sale closing, my dad's estate being settled, will allow me to pay some bills I can't pay now, it's not like I can withdraw $200.

That's because the money will be in trust in my name. The financial support I've been blessed with from businesses and churches will still be needed and most appreciated to help keep the site going.

I will go to what road games I can this year. However, as I'm sure you know, gas prices are high. I also have other expenses to deal with including having to replace a camera lens. Games I can't get to, I promise to have a score as soon as possible and stats if they're available.

This last thing is something I don't like doing, but don't see much of a choice. When I post football stories, I like to do it all. Get the story up, the stats, etc.

But there will likely times this fall when that's not possible. Because of having something to cover the next day, there will be times I won't have time to go through pictures and type up a story.

In those cases, I'll type up the story that night, with a note stating photos will be added later. I realize a football story without photos is dry reading, but it seems like the only way to at least get something out there for those who might waiting to read the story.

I will continue to do the best job possible in covering the community. Thanks for your readership and support.

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