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Site News Oct 21st, 2018 - 16:21:53

Where things stand with the site's, my financial future. ***Important update October 21***

By Dave Whitaker
Oct 19, 2018, 17:57

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First, thank you to the businesses who are now advertisers. Thank you to all whoíve donated or done other things to help me out financially. Your support touches my heart and means a lot.

Here is where things stand financially with the site and my future. Next week, Iíll be signing documents to authorize the transfer of my dadís IRA to me. However, the estate is still unsettled. The attorney handling the case is trying to pay off and negotiate down my dadís credit card debt. Itís proving not to be an easy process. As a result, things are at a standstill in terms of me accessing my trust.

The situation is not just hurting me. My sister April is struggling also, including keeping our homeowner's insurance paid up. She is having to help me with my bills, her bills, and things like the homeowners insurance policy are affected.

One of the ways advertisers have helped the site is itís allowed me to transfer some things which are work expenses (IE: AOL) to a business account my dad set up for things such as the farm and his HR work. Iíve also transferred some money to my personal checking to make monthly payments on credit cards (much of the debt was acquired in the past and has become a burden without my dadís income.)

While Iíd like to use it more, I cannot risk the balance dropping too low. So, frugality of use, plus more credit card debt are the only options. Much of the debt acquired while working. And while I dislike having to burden you with my financial situation, the only option I have is to come to you. To let you know where things stand and provide you with information on how you can help if you choose to do so.

Advertise with the site- Did you know this past Tuesday Bleckley Progress had 14,000 hits? While traffic was slow last week with the Hurricane, I average anywhere between six and eight thousand hits most weeks. My rate of $30 a month is very competitive. Call (478)230-6556 or email if your business would like to advertise.

Donations are welcomed and appreciated- There is a donate button on the top left hand corner of the page. Itís done through PayPal and is completely secure. You can also send donations via PayPal to, or via Google Pay to I also have a GoFundMe set up,

Please understand I dislike having to ask for help. The siteís goal is to serve the community. But your help is needed, and youíve shown a willingness to do so before. Thus, I feel comfortable enough to ask again. Thanks for your continued readership and support.

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