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Site News Oct 11th, 2019 - 08:22:24

An unintended consequence of my financial situation.

By Dave Whitaker
Oct 11, 2019, 11:20

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One of the many downsides of my current financial situation is that it ended the tradition of being a financial supporter of several team booster clubs. While most have been more than understanding and have given me membership, itís still a stark reminder as to how things have changed.

Something Iíve tried not to change is my commitment to covering games. Yes, I skipped going to Schley County for a regular season softball game. I didnít go to Marion County for football. Both games were non-region and wouldíve been costly trips. But for games that matter, Iíve tried to be there when it counted.

Which brings me to this Tuesday. I drove to Heard County in 2016 when the Lady Royals lost in the second round. Drove one day, rode with parents the next. My drive was both physically and financially costly. That was with my dad still here.

Things are worse now. The estate remains unsettled and I have no power to change it. As a result, my dadís IRA, which was supposed to provide for my future, is inaccessible to me. I have a car payment, insurance, buying gas, other monthly expenses with limited income. The spring on my garage door is still out, using it could burn up the motor, but spending the money to get it fixed would drop the business checking (HR account) to a level Iím uncomfortable with.

I also have to think about future coverage and potential long trips. Because of this, I canít go to Heard County Tuesday. Iíll have scores, but little more. If thereís a game three, Iíll try to go, though itíd be a costly trip also. This is not a decision I like making, but itís one I must.

Please also understand I donít tell you this as an attempt to guilt trip or cajole you into anything. Rather, itís an attempt to help you understand where things are, why I must make these decisions. It also (hopefully) helps explain previous articles which asked for your help and why I still need it.

If youíre a business owner, consider advertising. Did you know I had 15,000 hits on October 2. Yes, it was because of bad news, but still. The site gets anywhere between 6,000 and 8,000 hits during the week. I can send stats to prove it. Advertising is just $30 a month, no long-term commitment.

Want to congratulate an employee, announce your wedding or engagement, congratulate your senior? Buy a special announcement for just $15. If itís a commercial event, or something really special, itís just $30 to have it pinned to the top of the page for two weeks.

VCR tapes can be transferred to DVD for just $10 per tape. And of course, there are always donations. is one way. You can donate via the button at the top of the main page, via PayPal (, or via Google Pay (

Know this. I will continue to do the best I can in providing the best online newspaper possible. But anything you can do will not only help me in that regard, itíll also help me to survive whatís a very different, and honestly lonely world with my dad gone. Thanks for your continued readership and support.

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