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Site News Dec 27th, 2019 - 16:47:11

Thanks for your help this year, unfortunately it'll still be needed next year.

By Dave Whitaker
Dec 26, 2019, 21:18

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As we prepare to say goodbye to 2019, I first want to say thank you to everyone who has supported the site this year. Advertisers, new and renewing. People whoíve donated, either electronically or in some cases, handing me cash. All of it was both very needed and so very appreciated.

Unfortunately, 2020 looks shaky. The estate remains unsettled. I have no control over the situation, cannot expedite any access to my dadís IRA. Iíve inquired about getting money from it, as I had to pay over $400 today for maintenance work on my car today. Things which needed to be done.

I have no idea if Iíll be getting any money from it like last year. Being honest, the stress of trying to stay above water with this ongoing situation, missing both my dad and grandmother, plus trying to run the best online newspaper possible is causing a strain on my health.

And on top of that, the IRS is wanting to charge Whitaker HR Solutions (the umbrella company my dad set up that the site is incorporated under) a $6,600 late penalty on the 2017 taxes (the year he died.) It's being disputed, but still adds to the stress of it all.

So again, I see no other recourse but to turn to you. Asking for your help. Advertising, special announcements, transferring VCR tapes to DVD, donations. Anything you do will help. But if you canít do any of those things, there are things you can do that wonít cost one cent.

Spread the word about Bleckley Progress. Even though the site is going into its 14th year, there are still people whoíve never heard of it. The more people that read, the more support my advertisers get, and maybe get some advertisers.

Help me help you. If something happens that Iím not at that you think belongs on the site, send it in. If thereís something youíd like me to cover, please ask. As Iíve said before, the site is here to serve and inform the citizens of Cochran and Bleckley County. If thereís content you think would improve the site, please feel free to share it.

Iím not sure what the new year will bring. What I do know is I remain committed to doing the best job possible, to ensure Bleckley Progress is indeed ďWhere to go when you need to know.Ē To honor my dad by continuing. Thanks for your readership and support.

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