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Site News Nov 20th, 2023 - 21:42:36

Talking about my health and basketball coverage.

By Dave Whitaker
Nov 20, 2023, 23:28

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Maybe I was naive. Maybe I didn't know how sick I actually was. Looking back now, I know I was in bad shape. I know I should've died twice. One in the hospital early on. Another time when I had the surgery to remove gunk from my chest.

Still, I thought I'd be better than I was now. And I apologize for any comments I made in the past that might've falsely portrayed things.

In any event, I've tried to remain active. No, I wasn't able to provide the football coverage I normally would because I wasn't (and still not) fast enough to get up and down the sideline.

That leads me to basketball season. High school starts a week from Tuesday, middle school a week from Thursday. I intend upon covering whatever games I can. The thing is I don't know what that will be.

Because while there's not much risk of flying players in basketball, there is still a requirement for movement in many gyms. Specifically, getting from one side to the other so you can see to get shots and aren't in the official's way.

I feel like it won't be a problem at home games. I can get a chair or something. But some away games, I don't know. While I want to be able to get photos of games, I can't risk being in the way and causing problems with the game.

All I can promise you is I will do what I can. If I'm not there, I will have scores. If you have thoughts on this, please email or call me.

Thanks for your readership and support of the site.

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